The overall objective of the project was to increase environmental consciousness and promote sustainable development in European cities through analysing, developing and testing feasible EMS applications and methods at public authorities. The project contributed to improve the state of the environment and to implement sustainable development based on improved application of existing systems such as EMAS (Environmental Management and Audit Scheme) and ISO 14001. The aim of the Agency was to encourage local and regional municipalities to receive their EMAS registration, particularly by taking into account strategic aspects of regional development. As a result, the elaborated environmental management system introduced sustainable management and developed and applied joint information and monitoring system. Thereby, it has become an important tool to protect natural values and it has contributed to the sustainable utilisation of natural resources of the region. Increasing environmental conscious behaviour, involving local stakeholders and convincing politicians and decision-makers to change their opinion represented the major challenges in the project.

Duration: 03/2005 – 02/2008
Financed by: DG Environment