Due to its special development needs, Lake Balaton and its vicinity is a popular target area and partner of various international cooperation and project initiatives. International cooperation activities are implemented in the framework of the partner organisations of the Council on one hand, and in the framework of international cooperation projects of the LBDCA on the other hand. To this end, the Agency and the Council:

  • conclude international cooperation framework agreements:

Besides keeping contact continuously with foreign partner organisations, the Lake Balaton Development Council concludes cooperation framework agreements with managing authorities of areas having similar characteristics in order to implement common programmes and project initiatives. These agreements focus on the promotion of sustainable development with special attention on environmental protection and tourism management.

Main partner organisations:

  • Living Lakes Network
  • Lake Poyang,China
  • Lake Dongqian, China
  • Belarus – Hungary
  • cooperationconstanty and successfully apply for international and EU grants:

In the framework of international cooperation projects, the Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency has been promoting the preservation of natural values of Lake Balaton, encouraging the development of tourism industry and supporting sustainable urban development for nearly 15 years, since the early 2000s. The international project team of the Agency is composed of skilled and multilingual project managers dealing with project management and financial management tasks. Thanks to that, the Agency implemented 22 international projects in the framework of 12 international cooperation programmes. Further information about our international projects is available here.

  • continuously seek new opportunities for cooperation:

From year to year, the Lake Balaton Development Cooperation Agency receives more and more requests for international cooperation. Therefore, project managers are professionally well-prepared for a wide variety of project initiatives, such as from the field of environmental protection (water quality, environmental management systems, protection of natural resources, biodiversity, etc), tourism management, transport development, rural development, public safety, etc.

  • and provide consultancy services:

The Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency provides consultancy services for the local municipalities and other organisations in the Lake Balaton Recreational Area in order to support their international cooperation activities and foreign relations. In addition, the Agency undertakes the elaboration of international project proposals for them and also undertakes project management activities as an external expert.

If you have questions about international projects or if you are looking for partner organisations from the area, please do not hesitate to send e-mail to the International Project Team to the following address: international.team@balatonregion.hu.