Beyond planning tasks, the Council also performs a vital role by stimulating regional developments, investments and projects through the allocation of funds and provision of grant programmes. Funding opportunities, determined by LBDC, contribute to achieve the objectives of the approved development programmes and to manage the emerging regional issues.

The supported areas are the following:

  • Promoting water quality developments and lakebed dredging activities
  • Improving waste water treatment services
  • Developing beach services
  • Developing angling tourism
  • Supporting the elaboration of settlement and landscape management plans
  • Developing wineries and wine production activities
  • Improving public security and water safety;
  • Providing financial support for events;
  • Waste water treatment programme of small villages – supporting the installation of small-scale waste water treatment equipments.

The professional background work related to the operation of the Council is performed by the Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency (LBDCA).