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Lake Balaton Development Council
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Lake Balaton region

Introduction of the Lake Balaton region

Lake Balaton is the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe and it represents one of the most significant natural treasures of Hungary. It is a popular tourism destination due to the pleasant temperature of the lake, the favourable climatic conditions, the variety of beautiful landscapes and the diversity of cultural-historical assets. Tourism value of the Lake Balaton region is not only determined by the lake water quality and quantity, but also by the unique beauty of the natural and built environment, long sandy beaches, beautiful vineyards and also the widespread recreational services built on local traditions.

With a surface area of 600 km2, 78 km in length, 6.6 km width and an average depth of 3.2 m, Lake Balaton is one of the shallowest large lakes in the world. Located in the Transdanubian region of Western Hungary, the Lake Balaton catchment area, including the lake itself, is 5775 km2.

Lake Balaton Resort Area (LBRA)

The Lake Balaton Resort Area is an area of 3780 km2 that lies almost entirely in the watershed of the lake. It (LBRA) comprises 180 municipalities belonging to three different counties (Somogy, Veszprém and Zala). Since 2000, the region has been disposing its own independent area development plan and regulations (Act CXII of 2000 - Balaton Act). Permanent population of LBRA exceeds 274,000 inhabitants, which is supplemented with an additional 250,000 holiday home owners staying in the area temporary.