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Lake Balaton Development Council
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Previous development documents

The strategic development programmes play an important role in spatial planning and ensure the enforcement of regional interests. Concerning the programming period of 2007-2013, the following aspects determined the developments in the region.

What are the characteristics of the Lake Balaton region?

  • Tourism has outstanding importance in regional economy.
  • The area is exceptionally rich in natural and cultural heritage, including unique landscape characteristics surrounding the lake.
  • Water quality and environmental conditions are good, but exposed to the global changes.
  • Population doubles in the high season when holiday-home owners are staying in the region.
  • Tourism services do not meet tourism demand.
  • Ageing population and migration of young and educated people.
  • High unemployment and high proportion of inactive population in background settlements.
  • Regional collaborations and stakeholder cooperation are weak.

What is the vision for the Lake Balaton region?

The Balaton region:

  • maintains its high quality natural value and built environment,
  • is an effectively cooperating geographical, social and cultural entity,
  • possesses strong regional identity,
  • provides ideal conditions for outstanding quality of life for its permanent as well as seasonal inhabitants in line with European standards,
  • has competitive economy based on excellent natural assets and traditions (“Lake Balaton brand”)
  • has a vivid tourism industry that offers its products both for domestic and international guests, while maximizing the region’s environmental potentials is a sustainable and respectful way
  • provides equal opportunities for accessing jobs with little socio-economic disparity
  • is characterised by a high level of social services as well as a vibrant cultural life.

Accordingly, the vision of the region can be determined as the following:

To make Lake Balaton and the surrounding region a uniquely attractive area of Europe that provides outstanding conditions for living, working and leisure by emphasising its unique natural beauty and cultural heritage.

If you are interested in the developing objectives of the region in details, please read the briefing on the “Lake Balaton Regional Development Strategy 2007-2013”, which is available under downloadable materials.