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Current development documents

Lake Balaton Regional Development Documents 2014-2020

Preparation for the programming period of 2014-2020 has been one of the most important tasks of the Council recently. The project called “Improving spatial planning activities in the Lake Balaton Resort Area 2014-2020”, which was submitted by the Lake Balaton Development Council in the framework of the new Széchenyi Plan, has been approved. Accordingly, EU and domestic funds were provided for the Council to prepare the long-term development concept and the mid-term development strategy and operational programme of the region. 

In the framework of the project ID: ÁROP-1.2.11/A-2013-2013-0013, the Council determined the development goals for the upcoming years and elaborated the following development documents:

  • Background Analysis;
  • Regional Development Concept;
  • Regional Development Programme (Strategy and Operational Programme);
  • Elaborated project ideas - pursuant to key development objectives and priorities;
  • Integrated Regional Development Programme of Lake Balaton – revised version of the development programme in accordance to the sectoral operational programmes.

Concerning the national development objectives, the Lake Balaton Resort Area can contribute mainly to foster job creation and economic growth. Nevertheless, the region can achieve significant results (even exceeding the national average) in these two fields due to the existing economic, environmental and social characteristics. The development documents listed above introduces the development objectives in details. 


Focusing on the preservation of health conditions and sustainability, the Lake Balaton region should:

  • Provide high quality environment for local residents as a result of guaranteeing constant revenues, improving life quality and the widespread application of environmental friendly technologies,
  • Provide attractive business environment for companies, which offer mainly services, produce innovative, high value-added product and employ highly-skilled people, 
  • Provide attractive natural and built environment and high quality services for tourists visiting the region in order to increase the number of guests and improve the satisfaction of tourists,
  • Building capacities of regional organisations and institutions to flexibly adapt to the changing needs of customers and the changing environmental processes in the area. 


Strategic development goals are in line with the overall development objectives of the region. Certain strategic development goals may support the implementation of various overall development objectives too.

  • Innovative Lake Balaton!
    Improving revenue generating and employment capacities of the Lake Balaton economy as the result of the cooperation with local and associated knowledge bases through the development of new products and services.

  • Active Lake Balaton!
    Increasing revenues from tourism and more balanced utilization of capacities all year round as the result of the coordinated development of tourism products and services.

  • Health and regeneration at Lake Balaton!
    Improving the quality of life of local residents and tourists by using and promoting health industry services that are built on local natural recourses.

  • Consuming Lake Balaton products!
    Promoting the production, process and consumption of healthy, locally produced and locally processed food.

  • Rejuvenating communities at Lake Balaton!
    Harmonious development of the society is based on the well-functioning economy and the constant rejuvenation of local communities.

  • Natural Lake Balaton! Healthy environment, clean lake!
    Sustainable use of land while taking into account the different regional characteristics, protection of biodiversity, reduction of environmental pollution, mitigation of environmental load and improvement of architectural design quality of settlements.

  • Available Lake Balaton!
    Operating environment-friendly and resource-efficient transport system in the Lake Balaton region that can react flexibly to the changing needs.

During the elaboration of planning documents, the Council received significant assistance from regional actors and experts, who contributed effectively to the elaboration of development ideas and tasks by reviewing and commenting the completed documents at local meetings and workshops.

If you are interested in the development documents of the Lake Balaton region, please read the “Briefing Paper on the Lake Balaton Regional Development Strategy 2014-2020”, which is available under the downloadable materials.